Mountain Ridge Ballroom Team Dance-a-Thon Fundraiser!

Click HERE to donate! AND Click HERE to credit your student

Mountain Ridge Ballroom Team is working towards our upcoming 2021-2022 season. Every dancer will participate, pledging to do no more or less than 100 of the following steps.  We are asking for your contribution, to pledge either a fixed rate or pay by number of steps we complete.  By supporting our dancers funds will be used towards costumes, apparel, festival fees.

You may donate to the entire team OR to a specific student by filling out the google form giving that student credit. Link found above.

Pledge in any amount! Pledge a flat amount. Or pledge per number of steps completed.

  Pledge examples:

– Flat pledge of $30 for participating

– Pledge $.50 per number of steps ($50 total for the full 100 steps)

We pledge to do no more or less than 100 of each of these steps;

New Yorkers, Spot Turns, Fan, Alemana, Hockey Sticks, Box Steps, Left Box Turns, Streamline Waltz, Progressive Box, Flip Flops etc.

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