About Auditioning

Ballroom Team is a competitive performing team/class. It’s 1.0 credit for Performing Arts or PE

Time committment

Ballroom team will mostly be held during our class period. We will start each day at 7:15am with a possibility to start earlier when preparing for a performance. The only after school practices will be for dress rehearsals typically held about 3 days per year. We will perform at about 1-2 basketball games per year maximum, have 3 concerts per year and 1-2 weekend competitions held in the winter.


We will be learning several competition routines over the summer during our camp. Students are encouraged to attend. Students who do not attend the camp will not be able to perform our competition dances learned during the camp.

Camp will be held on Aug 2-5 from 7-1pm. We will be having MANDATORY rehearsal on Aug 9-12 from 7-10am to prepare for opening assembly.

Performance Opportunities

Ballroom team will perform throughout the year and will have no specified season. We will be performing at assemblies, winter showcase, spring dance concert, ballroom team showcase, UBEA competition, Mt Ridge Competition and possible basketball games.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to maintain a 2.5 GPA once they have made the team and have a 2.0 GPA to audition and no F’s or NG’s.

Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances. See constitution, section 3, for more details.

Students are expected to have a good attitude at all times and treat students and coach with respect.

Financial Commitment

$250 Spirit pack- includes shoes, tights, practice outfits, jackets and team gear

$100 Camp fee

$30 Class fee

Students will attend group fundraisers in order to raise money for costumes, competitions, choreographers etc.

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